Your Soul's GPS: Akashic Records for Clarity, Healing, and Transformation

Soul Alignment Healing 

Soul Healing | Core Wound Releasing | Mental Emotional and Physical Alignment

Soul Alignment Healing offers a unique blend of Akashic Records insights and healing, guiding you towards releasing mental, emotional, and physical pains and discomforts. 

Available both Online and In-person
Soul Purpose Reading

Akashic Records Reading | Gain Clarity | Make Aligned Decisions

Uncover Life's Purpose. Gain clarity and direction from your Akashic Records guide, through an insightful reading to align with YOUR true purpose. 

Available both Online and In-person

Soul Guidance Reading

Akashic Records Reading | Soul Growth | Overcoming Challenge Resistances

Uncover soul-level insights, and pave the way for lasting change in your career, relationships, health, or wealth. These sessions go beyond the surface, offering a unique blend of reading. 

If you're navigating emotional overwhelm or facing challenges, consult the counsel of the Akashic Records—let's move forward together.

Available both Online and In-person

Courses | Workshops | Talks | Community 

Soul Purpose | Self Development | Mind Body and Soul Matters

Souls Purpose Discovery Course - 7 Week Deep Dive Program into various areas of you and your life, including your life's experiences, personality, skills and talents, passions and compassions - giving you an in-depth insight into who you are where you have come and how it has all been guiding you in the direction of your souls purpose.  A fascinating, insightful and inspirational course, where by the end you will know yourself and know where you are heading.

Mind Body Soul Matters FB Group Community - Free group where like minded souls can come together in a safe place, to discuss, learn, experience all things mind, body and soul related, from health and wellness, food tips and recipes, spiritual posts and insights, healings, meditations and energy updates.