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SeQuential Wellness: Igniting Your Possibilities

At SeQuential Wellness, we firmly believe that our challenges are an opportunity for personal growth.  

By delving into the Akashic Records – an energetic repository of your present and past soul’s journey – we actively engage in elevating vibrational energies, reshaping deep-seated unconscious beliefs, and harmonising frequencies to actualise your highest potential and desires.  

Our dedicated aim is to guide you into alignment with your true essence and soul purpose, ensuring that your journey through

life's challenges and transformations

is not merely manageable but serves as a dynamic catalyst for positive change.

We believe it is our Sole Purpose in this lifetime to align with our Soul Purpose

Whether it's transforming limiting beliefs around your career, addressing health issues with a holistic approach, or fostering resilience and self-worth in relationships, our services are designed to align you with your true essence and soul purpose. 

Raising vibrations and aligning you with your true desires empowers you to overcome challenges, unlock your potential, and step into a life that resonates with authenticity and fulfilment. 

At SeQuential Wellness, we have a soul-aligned approach to bring about positive change across all aspects of your life.

YOUR Mind, Body and Soul Matters!

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I'm Debbie, Founder of SeQuential Wellness

Over the last decade, I’ve helped people to live life on purpose, step out of their comfort zones and create the life they desire with way more inner peace, freedom and joy.

I believe knowing our true soul self is the one thing we have all come here to find and experience to the best of our abilities.
Shifting our beliefs and how we see ourselves, and taking inspired action in the direction of our true desires…is the pathway to fulfilment, meaning and inner peace. 

Soul Guidance Reading

Receive channelled insights from your soul's journey for deeper understanding 
of your present challenges or circumstances. Our sessions are tailored to your unique journey, enquiring into the intricacies of your soul's records to address challenges in career, relationships, health, or wealth, and how to bring your purpose to life.

Available Online or In-person
Akashic Records and Guide Reading

Soul Purpose Reading

Experience a Soul Purpose Reading, receiving insights from your soul's records within the Akashic realm. During this session you'll gain insights into your soul's purpose and the path ahead, aligning with your true essence. Discover the wisdom and guidance the records hold for you.
Let the Akashic Records unveil the direction you seek, guiding you towards a fulfilling and a purpose aligned life. 

Available Online or In-person
Akashic Records and Guide Reading

Soul Alignment Healing

In order to have the life we desire, we must first energetically align with its vibration.

Soul Alignment Healing, elevates vibrations to be in alignment with your desires.

Our holistic approach addresses mental and emotional pains at a core level, without the need to revisit old emotional wounds.

Available Online or In-person 
Soul level healing


Embarking on a soul-aligned career change is a transformative journey, yet limiting beliefs and ingrained patterns can hinder progress. 

At SeQuential Wellness, we guide individuals through overcoming these challenges. We address limiting beliefs, remap neural pathways, and provide energy healing to foster clarity and align with one's soul pathway. 

Together, we create a manageable pathway towards a career that not only satisfies professional ambitions but resonates with the core of who you are.


 Navigating health challenges can be overwhelming, especially when hindered by deep-seated beliefs and emotional distress. 

SeQuential Wellness specialises in soul energy healing and neural pathway remapping to address these obstacles. We focus on reducing emotional distress, and aligning with your true essence for a holistic approach to health and well-being. 

Our aim is to empower you to overcome challenges and achieve a state of vibrant health and resilience.


Transforming relationships with both yourself and others, requires a level of introspection from a soul perspective.  

Through energy healing and Akashic Records insights, we assist in creating positive belief systems and energetic shifts enhancing self worth, beliefs and confidence to be your true authentic self, both individually and in relationships.

Our approach aims to help you build resilient and meaningful connections.