Started your journey into knowing your soul self and purpose, and now looking to delve even deeper?
Here at SeQuential Wellness we are all about knowing what to align with from a souls perspective, if we have little knowledge of our purposeful meaning to life, there is limited internal satisfaction and pleasure.  

We wholeheartedly believe that

Our Sole Purpose in life is to live aligned with our Soul Purpose

following the 'wrong' track can become very meaningless indeed.

We are all worthy of knowing our purpose in life
We are all capable of knowing ourselves at a deeper level
and to
finally getting some answers to those bigger questions of life such as..
Who am I? & Why am I here?

You may be surprised to know, you have been on the 'right' track all along, your soul HAS been guiding you, we just need to dig deeper to find the knowledge held within those experiences and lessons. 

If you would like to gain some clarity, to know how your life has been guiding you, what you are to align to, bringing you a greater understanding of fulfilment and meaning into your life, then we can offer you two options to commence this process:

Soul Purpose Reading and Report

Akashic Records Reading 1-2-1 accompanied with a detailed written report compiled of information held within your birth details - name, date of birth, time and place. 

Soul Purpose Insightful Knowledge
Soul Skills
Soul Aims
Soul Resistances
Life Theme

Soul Purpose Discovery Course

Online course helping discover hidden knowledge from your life experiences, talents, skills, passions and personal birth details, helping put the pieces of your personal puzzle together to illuminate your souls purpose. 

7 Week Online Course 
Life's Experiences
Talents and Skills
Passions and Compassions

Akashic Records 1-2-1 Reading and Soul Birth Report

..where we serve as conduits between realms to illuminate the path of your soul's journey.

* * * * * *

1-2-1 Akashic Record Reading
Soul Birth Report 

* * * * * *

Through our connection with the Akashic Records and spirit guides, we offer

personalised insights into your unique purpose and direction in life.

The Akashic Records are a repository of our souls journey past, present, and future.

It's a cosmic library containing the blueprints of every soul's journey, accessible to those with the ability to tap into its wisdom.

 Our role is to access this vast database on your behalf, under the guidance of the Record Keepers, to bring forth information specifically tailored to your journey, whether that is the next stage or details of the bigger picture.

Each Soul Purpose Reading unveils details of your soul's evolution. Whether you're seeking clarity on your life's purpose, guidance on your next steps, or a deeper understanding of your existence, our readings provide invaluable insights to illuminate your path.

Our readings are deeply transformative experiences, guided by the wisdom of the Akashic Records and facilitated by our intuitive connection with spirit guides. 

Whether you're at a crossroads in life, seeking clarity and guidance, or simply curious about your soul's purpose a Soul Purpose Reading and Report can provide the illumination you seek on your path of self-discovery and spiritual evolution. Embrace the opportunity to unlock the wisdom that lies within YOUR Akashic Records.

Are you ready to find out details of  


soul purpose journey?

Soul Purpose Discovery Course

..Your life experiences have all been guiding you to where you are today, ready for the next stage of your journey.  

Are you ready to know yourself and your purpose better?

* * * * * *

7 Week Program of Weekly Workshops

* * * * * *

7 week program, where you'll learn to understand your self from a soul perspective. Each week we will work through a different area of your life, and start to relate how these events and circumstances may have played out to point you in the very direction of your purpose.

By the end of the seven weeks,

You will have a deeper understanding of who you are

more insights into how you operate, and

what you are here to align with on your purposeful pathway

and understand how your life so far has played its part in getting you to this point.

NEXT PROGRAM STARTS: Date to be Confirmed

Your life experiences have all been guiding you to where you are today, ready for the next stage of your journey.  

Are you ready to know yourself and your purpose better?

Through a series of 7 weeks you will explore areas of your life and personality, unearthing the lessons and the treasures of your experiences.
We will be exploring areas such as life experiences, your passions and desires, childhood, personality and wounds to name a few, through processes connecting with the lessons and gifts hidden within them.

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Experience the magic and alchemy of the
Akashic records for yourself.
Schedule your Akashic Soul Purpose Reading Today

To make a booking click on the link above to schedule your appointment through the online calendar booking system.  

Appointments typically last 60 minutes  

Soul Birth Report is typically created and emailed within 7-10 days of booking.

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Course Length:
7 weeks

Course Structure:
Online course information and exercises with weekly live workshop to further assist your journey.

Pieces of the Puzzle

There are many pieces to the puzzle of finding your purpose, some of the key components we show you here.  These and more will be investigated in our signature course Soul Purpose Discovery Course.  

This course really does have the capacity for you to 'see' your life in a totally different light, viewing things from a higher perspective, which can bring clarity, understanding, relief, and a new level of inner peace.

" Our Sole Purpose in life is to live aligned with our Soul Purpose."

Debbie Newman